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True Crystal Warmonger by Light-He-arth True Crystal Warmonger :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 13 17
Soul Reaper Family Chapter 3
So, here’s chapter 3 Soul Reaper Family.
Karin: Are you done now?
You could stand to be a bit nicer sometimes.
Karin: Nice isn’t in my vocabulary. And why did you write this story anyways?
Nah-ah, spoilers.
Karin: Tell me now or so help m-
I can make it that you’re not part of the story anymore you know.
Karin: … I can wait…
Good now can you please do the disclaimer.
Karin: Fine. Light doesn’t own Bleach or the plot, just OC, some side plots on the side and changes to the original story.
Thank you, Karin, now enjoy.
Chapter 3: The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
“He has become a monster now that must be eliminated,” Zacory explained.
“But… it was human once…” Ichigo said.
“This… this is just… insane…” Karin ad
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 3 0
Yugioh: Seal of Orichalcos,Joey and Mai Switch Ch3
Welcome back to another chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh: Seal of Orichalcos.
Mai: “What the heck took you two so long to start this up again?
What? Me and Pimsan have our own lives and works to do, right Pimsan?
Pimsan: Yep. And i'm writing my own stories, one of them involve my Oc Ray in the 5ds world while my other is a crossover with Digimon and Megaman.
Mai: “Really now? That sound interesting.”
Yes, and I’ve been trying to read them to help him write them, but I just can’t seem to get the time in. Sorry about that man.
Pimsan: meh, can't be helped.
Mai: “Well then shall we?”
Yes but first, we will send a link to Pimsan’s stories at the end of this chapter for all of you that want to read them. You okay with that?
Pimsan: Yea, thank! But you have to write your stories yourself once in awhile, okay? Or else you won't improve as a writer. Trust me, speaking of experience here.
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 3 5
Blue Exorcist: The Half Angel Chapter 4
“Hello again everyone. Me and Hope here for another chapter of Blue Exorcist: The Half Angel Chapter.”
Hope: Rushes in. "I'm back~ I am sorry I am late~”:D
“It’s okay. I was busy as well.”
Hope: "Who?"
Shiro: “Hey there~!”
Hope: “안녕 하세요! Oops! Sorry! I mean hello Shiro!”
“What language was that?”
Shiro: “I’d like to know to?”
Hope: "It was Korean!"
“Thank you for telling us.”
Hope: "Your welcome guys~"
“Well anyways today’s chapter, we’ll be going back to Rin and Yukio’s home.”
Shiro: “That is after the go back to True Cross and give the letter to Mephisto.”
Hope: “Understood? Yes? Okay!” Turns to Shiro and Ligh. "They understand!"
“Well anyways Shiro, if you please.”
Shiro: “Right. Light and Hope do not own Blue Exorcist, no matter how much they wish, only plot and OCs."
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 3 0
Warmonger by Light-He-arth Warmonger :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 17 4 Crystal Warmonger Keyblade by Light-He-arth Crystal Warmonger Keyblade :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 19 91 Sparkle Prime Keyblade by Light-He-arth Sparkle Prime Keyblade :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 23 77 Sounsah (Might of the Heart) by Light-He-arth Sounsah (Might of the Heart) :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 11 0 Flight of the LanternHawk Keyblade by Light-He-arth Flight of the LanternHawk Keyblade :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 14 6 WonderBat's Armored Heart Keyblade by Light-He-arth WonderBat's Armored Heart Keyblade :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 21 12
Blue Exorcist: The Half Angel Chapter 3
“Hello again everyone. I’m back with the new chapter of Blue Exorcist: The Half Angel. I’m also here with Shiemi and Hope, or Carnimops now.”
Shiemi: “Hello~”
Hope: “Don't worry guyseu, I'll always be Hopeu! You're Hopeu!!! <Phrase is not copy righted! Or maybe it is, so what?>” Shiemi taps her shoulder. “Aaaahhh!! Oh, hey Shiemi~”
“In this chapter, we'll find out what's in store for Shiemi.”
Shiemi: “It won't be anything to bad... will it?”
“I won't spoil too much but it won't be. That much I can tell you two.”
Hope: “Xarazechi/Light and I do not own Blue Exorcist, and no matter how much we wish!”
“Too soon! And Shiemi's supposed to be the one to say it...”
Shiemi: “He' right... we have to talk a little before that...”
Hope: “I'm a failure! I deserve to die!” Jumps off a b
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 2 0
Happy New Year (Red) by Light-He-arth Happy New Year (Red) :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 12 2 Merry Christmas (Red) by Light-He-arth Merry Christmas (Red) :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 8 0 Merry Christmas by Light-He-arth Merry Christmas :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 7 0 Zeke's Tag 4 by Light-He-arth Zeke's Tag 4 :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 10 0 Zeke (and his tag (and glasses)) by Light-He-arth Zeke (and his tag (and glasses)) :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 11 0


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Song: Deities (Dust: An Elysian Tail)

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So, here’s chapter 3 Soul Reaper Family.

Karin: Are you done now?

You could stand to be a bit nicer sometimes.

Karin: Nice isn’t in my vocabulary. And why did you write this story anyways?

Nah-ah, spoilers.

Karin: Tell me now or so help m-

I can make it that you’re not part of the story anymore you know.

Karin: … I can wait…

Good now can you please do the disclaimer.

Karin: Fine. Light doesn’t own Bleach or the plot, just OC, some side plots on the side and changes to the original story.

Thank you, Karin, now enjoy.


Chapter 3: The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish

“He has become a monster now that must be eliminated,” Zacory explained.

“But… it was human once…” Ichigo said.

“This… this is just… insane…” Karin add.

“You mean… all this time…” Yuzu said realization coming to them.

“It can’t be helped,” Zacory said. “Souls that hold on to feelings of resentment or regret will sometimes resist Soul Burial and linger on alone in this world.”

“Should that happen they either become Hollows on their own,” Rukia explained to them, “or they’re devoured by other Hollows and become one of the fold.”

“But that’s…” Ichigo said. All three were now really on edge by what they were just told. Just then they remember the part where the mask broke and he looks scared. Just then Ichigo got series. “I just don’t get it. Why did Orihime’s brother attack us?”

“Not us, just you three,” Zacory told him.

“Judging for the last Hollow you killed,” Rukia continue, “I would there’s a more powerful Hollow behind this that want’s to consume your spirit energies.”

“It must have many Hollows under its control,” Zacory told them. “Now it knows where you three are, and is sending the other Hollows it controls here to take care of its orders.”

“That would explain why Orihime’s brother has come to attack you three,” Rukia told them.

Just then Ichigo grabs both of them by the shirt. “Did you expect us to kill him now?” in questioned in anger. “There’s no way we could do that.”

“Calm down Ichigo,” Yuzu said.

“I know this is messed up but-” Karin said but never got too finished.

Just then Rukia and Zacory batted Ichigo’s arms away. “You have to do it,” they tell him. “None of you haven’t got a choice.”

“If you don’t kill him, he’ll wander around forever,” Rukia tells them.

“Not only that,” Zacory continues, “he’ll keep coming back to attack all three of you again and again until finally he has your souls.”

“Wait,” Rukia said getting everyone’s attention, “you aren’t the only ones in danger.”

“Who else would he want?” Ichigo asked.

“Yeah, I have no idea who he’s go after,” Karin said.

“Orihime, his sister,” she says.

“Then we have to hurry and get to her house,” Yuzu said.


(A few minutes later)

Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin were jumping from rooftop to rooftop trying to get to Orihime’s house as fast as they can. Ichigo was caring Rukia while Yuzu was caring Zacory.

“Let me get this straight,” Karin said, “Hollows can and will attack their own family?”

“Brother, sisters, even children,” Rukia said.

“So explain,” Ichigo said, “why would they do that?”

“Hollows are souls that have fallen,” Zacory tells them, “souls that were never guided into the Soul Society by a Soul Reaper. Souls that were never protected from other Hollows.”

“Abandoned,” Rukia continued, “They fall and lose their hearts and become Hollows themselves.”

“Now that this Hollow has failed to devour your souls, we’re sure he will go after his sister, the person he truly cared and loved the most when he was alive. Do you three recall the bruise we all saw on Orihime’s leg earlier today?”

“She said it was from being hit by car. But we’ve seen marks like that before.” The three of them did recall the mark on her leg. “That mark could only have been left by Hollow.”

“So you’re say her saying her bother has already tried to kill and eat her already,” Yuzu started.

“And he’s about to try it again?” Ichigo asked.

“That is very high possibility,” Zacory told them. This made the three siblings started to pick up the pace.


(Orihime’s house)

Orihime had Tatsuki over at her house. Tatsuki wanted to make sure that Orihime had something normal to eat. Bit thing were getting weird that night as things were happening for no apparent reason. Just then her stuffed teddy bear, Enroku, fell on the ground with a rip on it’s face. Then suddenly there was booming all over the place. Then there were loud footsteps that were growing louder and louder.

Then Orihime then felt like something was dripping off Enroku. When she looked down she saw what looked like blood. When she saw this, she was shaking and scared.  “W-What’s is this?” she asked herself. “Is this blood?” Just then, she felt like something hit her and she was knocked back. This scared Tatsuki.

“O-Orihime!” Tatsuki shouted in fear. Just a shadow loomed over her and she was knocked back into the wall by an invisible force. She then noticed that her left shoulder was bleeding. She was shocked by this. “What is this?! How come there’s blood?!” She then felt like something grabbed her and threw her across the other side of the room. She then slowly got back up and looked around. “Something’s here. But I-I don’t see anything.” She was then hit to the ground and was being held down to the ground. What’ Happening? Who’s there?”

While this was going on, Orihime was watch everything that happened, but there was something odd with Orihime. There was a chain coming off her. ‘What’s going on?’ she asked herself in her head. ‘What is that… monster? And what is it doing to Tatsuki?’ She then looked over to her left and when the monster lifted its tail she saw her body. “Who’s that? That’s me. But how?” Just then she heard chains jingling. She grabbed it and pulled it a bit. “Where did this come from? I-I can’t breathe.” Just then the monster grabbed Tatsuki by the neck. This got Orihime’s attention. “Tatsuki! I can’t just sit here. I’ve got to do something.” She got up and ran at the monster. She then hit the monster’s arm and got its off Tatsuki. She then fell to the ground and Tatsuki was coughing for air. Orihime then went over to Tatsuki. “Tatsuki! Are you okay?” Unknow to her, Tatsuki couldn’t see her.

For Tatsuki, all she saw was a hand on her shoulder shaking it, but no one was there. This freaked her out and made her jump ack to the wall. “Ah! Get back! Stay away!” she shouted trying to defend herself.

Orihime was confused. “What are you screaming about, Tatsuki? It’s just me. What’s wrong?”

“It’s useless talking to her now, Orihime,” the monster told her. This made her look at it. “She can’t hear us. She can’t even see us.”

Just then Tatsuki fainted from everything. This made Orihime worry and look at her. “Tatsuki!” She then looked at the monster with a stern look on her face. She then asked, “Why not? And how do you know my name?”

“That makes me sad, Orihime,” the monster tells her. It then get’s closer to her. “Have you forgotten my voice? How could you? It’s me, can’t you tell?” It then came closer to her.

Orihime then shifted back a bit in fear of the monster. It wasn’t making any sense to her. “What are you talking about?”

“It makes me sad, Orihime…” it repeated. It then goes to attack her. “Very, very sad.”

Orihime braces for the attack. When she didn’t feel the impact, she opened her eyes and saw Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin holding off the attack.

“We are the ones that you’re really after,” Ichigo tells the Hollow.

“Leave her alone and fight us you bastard!” Karin ordered.

“Leave her out of this,” Yuzu said. Then all three of them pushed the Hollow back and cut its hand. This made the Hollow retreat. All three got ready for when it started to attack again. Orihime was confused by this.

‘Damn Tatsuki,’ Ichigo though to himself, ‘how did you get caught up in all this?’

“Friend of your’s Ichigo?” Yuzu asked.

“A schoolmate,” he tells her.

“Ichigo… Yuzu… Karin…” Orihime called out making the three siblings turn and look at her. “Thank you three for rescuing us from that thing. But where did you three come from?” This confused the three.

“Whoa, hold on a minute,” Ichigo said. “How in the hell can you see us?”

“I’m confused as well,” Karin said.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Orihime asked.

“Uh… Ichigo, Karin,” Yuzu started, “look at where her heart is.” She pointed and they both saw what she saw. A chain that lead back to her body. This shocked both Ichigo and Karin and remembered what Rukia and Zacory told them.


“Soul Reapers are spirit beings,” Rukia explained. “And as such, no ordinary humans will be able to see you.” Ichigo was behind a telephone pole. Karin was just shaking her head by Ichigo’s action while yuzu just anime sweat-dropped and nervously laughed.

“The only other beings that can see you are spirits,” Zacory tells them.

-Flashback End-

“Then she’s-” Ichigo started but didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“That’s right,” the hollow tells them. This made the three Kurosaki siblings ready to fight. “She’s a spirit being now.” Just then there was smoke up I the air. “In other words,” the Hollow then reappears out of it, “Orihime is dead.”

This angered Ichigo who ran at the Hollow. “Wait Ichigo!” his sister yelled at him. When he went to attack he missed because it dodged him, and the Hollow then grabbed the chain that was connected to Orihime. Because of this, Orihume was dragged off. Ichigo tries attack again, and this time with Yuzu and Karin’s help, but when they attacked its body, it did nothing. This shocked them.

“Not good,” Karin commented. All three were then pushed back and were sent through the window and wall of the room.

Outside, Rukia and Zacory saw the explosion of the second story window and wall from the street. Just then, Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin skidded to a stop in the air. They then looked back at the Hollow.

“Stay back,” the Hollow warned and squeezed Orihime making her scream. This shocked both Rukia and Zacory.

Just then, the Hollow tried attack the three siblings with its tail. Yuzu and Karin were able to move out of way, but Ichigo was not so fortunate, being in the middle and all. He was hit and sent to the ground, hard. “Ichigo!” Yuzu, Karin, Rukia and Zacory shouted in concern.

The Hollow then brought its tail back inside the house. Yuzu, Karin, Rukia and Zacory all ran over to Ichigo. “Ichigo!” They shouted again.

“Get up!” Rukia ordered.

“Don’t you dare die you idiot!” Karin ordered her brother.

“Come on Ichigo, get up!” Zacory commanded.

“Please Ichigo!” Yuzu pleaded.

Orhime also saw this. “Ichigo! No! He’s hurt.” She turned to the Hollow. “I have to go help him. Let me go. Let me go!” She tried to struggle out of the Hollows’ grasp.

“Orihime,” the Hollow started, and then asked her, “have you forgotten me?”

Orihime then turned to look at the Hollow, and looked into the Hollow’s eyes and she thought she knew who it was, her brother. “Sora?” she asked it. “Is that… you?”

Back outside, Yuzu, Karin, Rukia and Zacory were all still trying to wake Ichigo up.

“Ichigo,” Rukia started, “come on, get up.”

When he wasn’t getting up, Karin got mad. “Get up you damn idiot!” she ordered, and then kicked him in the side. (A/N 1)

This got Ichigo moving and made him shoot up. “GAH!” He shouted in pain and put his hand on his head and side. “Karin! What the hell!? I was trying to get up!”

“You’re alright!” Yuzu screamed and hugged him.

“That’s not how I would have done it,” Zacory commented, “but we don’t have time for pleasantries right now.”

“This is not going to be easy,” She tells the three siblings. She then turned to Ichigo and asked, “So where are you hurt?”

“Like you care,” Ichigo tells her. “Like you care.” He took his hand off his head. “Forget about it, I’m okay.”

“But Ichigo,” Yuzu started in worry, “your head is bleeding.”

“I said I’m fine Yuzu,” Ichigo tells her.

“Man, you’re stubborn Ichigo…” Karin told him.

‘That pride and stubbornness of his will get himself killed,’ Zacory thought, facepalming.

“But I guess we don’t have time to argue,” Karin said, not wanting to start a fight with her older brother right now.

“Good,” Rukia started, “‘cause you three have work to do. Listen carefully.” This made three looked at her confused. “That Hollow may have been her brother once, but now it’s nothing but a monster.”

“You three have to stop it,” Zacory added. “It doesn’t have a heart anymore, meaning you three have to put aside all of your feelings and destroy it.

Back inside. Sora, the Hollow, put Orihime down. Orihime then asked them, “Are you really Sora, my brother?”

“Yes Orihime,” Sora assured her, “it’s me.”

Orihime still didn’t believe them. “You’re lying. My brother was gentle. He would never do these things you’re doing.”

“I was so lonely,” he said. Orihime was shocked to hear this. “You were beginning to forget about me, sister, a little more each day.”


A younger Orihime was kneeling and praying to her late brother. “After I died you prayed for me every day,” he explained. “I watched you. It was your prayers and your thoughts that gave me peace. It relived me of my loneliness.”

-Flashback End-

“But after a year had gone by, things changed. You became friends with that girl.” This got Orihime’s attention and she remembered.


Orihime was running with a friend Tatsuki of hers and having fun. “And then, I saw that you began to pray for me less and less.” The seen then changed to both girls hanging out at Orihime’s home. The scene then changed again to where Orihime was starting high school. “Then, when you entered high school, you stopped praying for me completely.”

-Flashback End-

“That’s why I was so lonely,” Sora finished his sentence.

“Sora, you don’t underst-” Orihime tried to explain but her brother interrupted by grabbing her.

“Just listen to me, Orihime,” he ordered. “If you have even a shred of love for me you will not betray me again. Do exactly as I say. I will deal with them.” He turned to the hole in the wall. “It won’t take long. I shall devour those Soul Reapers and put an end to this.” He then went to fight Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin.

“No! Don’t!” Orihime shouted trying to stop her brother. “This doesn’t have anything to do with Ichigo and hi sisters. Leave them alone. It’s not right for you to hurt them just because-”

Her brother then came back a told her, “Shut up, Orihime.” This made her back up a bit. “Don’t tell me what’s right when it’s your fault I’ve become this monster!” He then grabbed her, lifting her in the air and strangling her out of anger and hatred. “I should kill you first for the way you’ve abandoned me, for choosing this girl and Ichigo over honoring my Memory. I’ll kill you.”

“No you won’t, you freak,” Ichigo shouted out, getting back in the room with his sisters.

“You’re dealing with us first,” Karin told him.

“We’re your targets, Sora,” Yuzu added.

Then all three of them ran their swords through his tail making him scream in pain and flay around. They kept it up until he let go of Orihime, making her fall to the ground. The three then got off his tail. Sora goes to grab Orihime again, but Ichigo cut its hand off, While Yuzu and Karin guarded her, making the Hollow fall back a bit.

Orihime was coughing, trying to catch her breath. Ichigo was looking over her, making sure she was alright, while Yuzu and Karin were still on guard.

“Let us ask you something, Captain Overbite,” Ichigo started and standing back up.

“And give us a truthful answer,” Karin ordered while Yuzu nodded in agreement.

“Do you know why big brothers are born first?” Ichigo asked. “There’s a reason.” He then turned to look at Sora. “They’re born first so they can look out for their little brothers and sisters and protect them.”

“That’s right,” Yuzu said, agreeing with her brother.

Just then Rukia and Zacory came into the room. “Ichigo, Yuzu, Karin!” they shouted but then stopped.

“And here you are,” Ichigo continued, “you threaten to kill your own sister.”

“Not doing a very good job at being one,” Karin commented.

Ichigo then lifted his sword a bit. “Even a dead man doesn’t ever have the right to say that,” Ichigo told Sora in anger. Then he held his blade, ready to guard Orihime like his sisters.

“Shut up,” Sora ordered. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. Orihime is mine. I was fifteen when she was born, and I raised her When our parents abandoned us.” Orihime looked upset when Sora was explaining this. She looked like she was about to cry. “To me, she has been more of a daughter than a sister. Orihime,” this made her look at Sora, “come with me now, back to when it was just you and me, happy together. If you’ll come, then I promise I will spare these other souls.” This got Orihime’s attention, but Rukia and Zacory tied to stop and reason with her.

“Wait, it’s a trap,” Rukia warned.

“You cannot believe him,” Zacory tells her, “because he does not have any more feelings of a brother anymore.”

“Are you two sure?” Orihime asked. Just then her hairpin shinned, and this got Sora’s attention.

“That hairpin.”


A child Orihime was running and laughing. Then the scene changed to Sora looking over her with concern and getting her dressed.

The scene changes again to a slightly older Orihime who was running and laughing. Then the scene then changed again to Sora and Orihime, standing side by side on her first day of middle school.

The scene then changes once again to anther slightly older Orihime who was running and laughing. The scene then yet again changes to her hugging her older brother.

The scene then changes for the final time anther slightly older Orihime who was running and laughing. Then she said these words, “I love you, big brother.”

-Flashback End-

“Brother?” Sora asked himself. He was then groaning in pain and slammed into the wall.

“Brother!” Orihime shouted in worry.

“What is this?” Rukia asked confused.

“I’ve never seen something like this happen before,” Zacory said, also confused by the Hollow’s actions.

Sora then got out from the wall. “Orihime… is … mine!” He shouted and turned to the siblings ready to fight.

“Here he come!” Yuzu shouted.

“Get ready!” Karin ordered.

Sora then charged at them, mouth open, but Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin blocked with their swords. “Orihime doesn’t belong to anyone,” tells him, “And least of all, to you.”

“Ichigo is right, Sora,” Yuzu agreed.

“Orihime is her own person,” Karin added, “no one else’s!” All three of them then forced Sora back and sent him trough the hole in the wall outside. Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin then gave chase after him. The three got outside and saw Sora flying though the air. They then raised their swords to strike but they were hesitant to kill him.

While still in the room, Orihime, Rukia and Zacory were watching from the hole in the wall. “Do it!” Rukia shouted. “What are you three waiting for!?”

“You have to strike him now while he’s still vulnerable!” Zacory ordered.

Sora then turned and looked at the three. He then spat acid at the three, hitting their hands and making them loose their grip on their swords.

“The hell!?” Karin shouted in pain. “Acid.” She wasn’t able the think when Sora’s tail hit all three of them and sent them to the ground. The landed safely, but Sora was coming at them at high speeds. When they got, they saw that Sora was coming at them, faster then any of them could.

But then, before anyone knew what happened, Orihime was in front of Sora and took his attack, shocking everyone. He had his arms around his head, giving him a hug. “Orihime,” Ichigo said in shock. (A/N 2)

Yuzu had her hands over her mouth. “W-Why did she…?” she asked in shock as will.

“What the hell was that idiot thinking!?” Karin shouted in anger and in shock.

Ora then let go, also in shock, making her fall to her knees, and then asked her, “Orihime, why did you do that?”

She answered him by saying, with sadness in her voice, “Sora, I had to save Ichigo and his sisters, because this is all my fault. The reason you’re this way… it’s because of me, because I begged you not to leave me alone.”


Orihime was standing over Sora, who was being taken to a hospital because of the accident he was in. “Sora, don’t die,” Orihime pleaded with her brother, crying her heart out. “Don’t leave me all alone, brother. You can’t. You can’t.”

-Flashback End-

“That’s why…” she said sadly, “you weren’t able to find peace. And it’s all my fault.” Tears were now starting to run down Orihime’s face.

“Oh, Orihime,” Sora said, now understanding.

“Since you died,” Orihime started again, “I’ve always had the sense that you were watching over me, because I’d asked you to. Even yesterday,”


Orihime was walking across the street, on the crosswalk, when a car was about to hit her, “when that car was about to hit me, you protected me, didn’t you?”

-Flashback End-

“I have this mark because you pulled my leg to get me out of the way in time. That was you, wasn’t it?”

“That explains it,” said Rukia, as she and Zacory walked back outside.

“Guess he was still protecting his sister,” Zacory added.

“Then one day I realized that if I kept depending on you to stay by my side,” Orihime kept explaining to her brother, “you’d never be able to rest in peace.” She then looked at him with a said face. “But if I showed you… that my life was really happy and that you didn’t need to worry about me anymore, you could pass on.” Sora was shocked when he heard this. She wanted him to be at peace. “I never dreamed it would make you sad and lonely. I would never wat to do that to you, brother.” She was crying her heart out to him with every word she told him.

The next thing that happened was that she fell to the ground, weak from hear wound. “Orihime…” Sora said in worry. Just then his face sifted from skull mask to face multiple times and making him scream in agony.

“Rukia, Zacory, what the hell’s happening to him?” Ichigo asked.

“Why the hell is he freaking out like that?” Karin asked as well.

“What’s going on?” Yuzu asked.

“The part of him that’s still human is fighting the Hollow for control,” Rukia answered making the three of them turn and look at her.

“Evidently, this soul didn’t choose to be a Hollow on its own free will,” Zacory explains. “He must’ve been taken over.” Sora was still freaking out and grabbed his head in pain.

“T-Taken over?” Yuzu asked in shock.

“That can happen!?” Karin shouted.

“Taken over?” Ichigo asked. “By who?”

“A soul that is devoured by a strong Hollow is manipulated by that strong Hollow,” Rukia explains the them, “and that Hollow desires your spirit ebergies.”

“So, to take your energies, it took over this poor soul,” Zacory continued to explain, “and was planning on using it to attack you three.”

“It hoped that since you three knew this soul in life, you three would hesitate to fight him, which, in fact, you three did.”

“Right at this very moment, the brother’s soul is desperately fighting that Hollow that took over for his sister’s sake.”

“Hh, Orihime,” Sora said in pain, still fighting. Just then, the scull mask cracked and shattered, freeing Sora from the Hollow’s control. Orihime was looking at her brother, a tear falling down her cheek. The next thing that happened was she collapsed to the ground. “No!”

“Orihime!” Ichigo shouted in fear. He was enraged as well.

“Crap!” Karin shouted in frustration.

“W-We need to help her now,” Yuzu said in worry.

All three of them then ran to her but they were stopped by Zacory and Rukia. “It’s alright,” both of them tell the three siblings. This made them look at the two.

“Fortunately, the Chain of Fate is still connected to her chest,” Rukia tells them as her and Zacory walks forward. “As long as it’s attached to her, she will not die.”

“We need to treat her now,” Zacory tells them as he and Rukia kneeled down to Orihime. “Please stay back. The power of our Kido should be able to save her life.” Just then, both Rukia and Zacory’s hand started to glow, healing Orihime. This made her hairpin shine causing Sora to gasp.

“That hairpin she’s wearing was a present from you, wasn’t it Sora?” Ichigo asked him. Sora leaned in to look at the hairpins. “She told me that once. That’s why she wears it every single day.” Orihime’s hairpin shined again

“Is that true?” Yuzu asked looking sad to hear that.

Sora was overcome with sadness when he heard this. He then got back up and went over to where Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin swords had fallen. He then grabbed Ichigo’s sword and lifted it, confusing the three siblings.

“What are you doing?” Ichigo asked him.

“Why did you pick up Ichigo’s sword?” Karin asked, confused.

“You’re not going to-?” Yuzu started to ask when Sora interrupted her.

“I only have a short time before the Hollow overwhelms me again and changes me back into a monster,” Sora explains to the three siblings. “So, while I’m sane and can still think clearly, I’ll end this.” He then pointed the blade a himself. This made the Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin panic.

“No, wait, don’t do that,” Ichigo pleaded.

“You can’t just take your own life like that!” Karin barked, trying to stop Sora.

“There has to be another way to help you,” Yuzu said, pleading with him and trying to think of something, “there just has to.”

“Ichigo, Yuzu, Karin,” Zacory and Rukia called out, making the three confused and looked at them.

“It’s all right,” Rukia tells the, while her and Zacory were still healing Orihime. “He’s made the right decision.”

“Once you or someone else become a Hollow you can never be turned back to who or what you were again” Zacory explained to them. “The only way he can be cured is if he passes on.”

“But Rukia, Zacory-” Ichigo started.

“I-It’s just doesn’t seem…” Yuzu started.

“We can’t just let him-!” Karin started.

“It’s okay,” Rukia stated, intervening. “You three will learn that exorcising a hollow is not the same as killing it.” Both her and Zacory look at them. “You’re cleansing its soul and allowing it to enter the Soul Society.”

“This is why we Soul Reaper exist in the first place,” Zacory said, explaining why they do what they do, “to help every and all souls find their way, and finally rest in peace.”

After hearing this, the three siblings could only saw “Huh…” They then looked at Sora, who only nodded at them. He had a smile on his face, pleased that he would be free.

He was about to strike him when he heard Orihime’s voice. “Wait,” she told him making him stop for a second and look at her. “I have to tell you something.” She opened her eyes and turned to look at him. “This hairpin, remember the argument we ad about it the day you gave it to me?” Sora looked like he was on the verge of tears. “I said I didn’t like it because I though it didn’t look grown-up enough for me. I knew I hurt your feelings.”


Sora was just leaving for work, hurt by Orihime, who was sulking in the corner of the room, for not liking the gift he got her. “And you left without saying anything else.”

The scene then changed to her crying over her brother’s body, which was covered. “And that was the last time I saw you alive.”

-Flashback End-

“So now I want to say what I should have said to you when you went off to work that day.” She then sat up, Rukia and Zacory holding her steady, and smiled at her brother, with tears in her eyes and said, “My brother, have a good day.”

“Thanks,” Sora said with a smile, but sounded sad, “Orihime.” He then ran himself through and he started to fade away, scattering like flower petals. Ichigo’s sword then fell to the ground. Orihime couldn’t take it anymore and started crying her heart out, leaning on Rukia for support.

Karin sniffed, trying her hardest not to cry herself. Yuzu saw this and asked, “Karin? Are you crying?”

“N-No,” she told her sister, turning away and wiping her eyes, “I just got something in them. Mabey dust or debris from the fight.” (A/N 3)


(Next day, Ichigo’s School, Rooftop)

Orihime was having luch with her friends and was telling them a story about what happened last night. “No way,” said one girl.

“Really,” Orihime said, trying to make them believe what happened. “What happened was a Sumo wrestler with a gun blasted a hole through the wall into my room last night.” To say her friends were skeptical would be an understatement…

“Please, Orihime,” said one of the girls, “if you’re going to make up stories, at least make them sound realistic. Like, maybe a pro wrestling match spilled out of the ring.”

“She got you,” said another girl while laughing.

“Don’t listen to them, Orihime,” another one of her friends said, defending her. “I like your wild imagination.”

“But it’s not a made-up story,” Orihime tells them, “I swear. It really happened. Right, Tatsuki?”

“Yeah,” said girl said agreeing, “I remember something last night.”

While this was going on, Ichigo and Rukia were watching from afar. “So that’s what you did yesterday, huh?” Ichigo asked Rukia, looking at her. All she did was nod.


Orihime was asking a million questions a minute to Ichigo and the others. “Ichigo, what’s with these monsters and that big sword? Why are your sisters’ wilding weapons as well? And-” Rukia then held what look like a lighter to Orihime’s face, making it go off in a puff of smoke. “Wha!” Orihime shouted and fainted. This shocked and freaked out the three siblings.

“Orihime,” Ichigo said in worry,” what did you do to here?”

“What is that thing?” Karin asked.

“Is she going to be alright?” Yuzu asked.

“Yes, yes, she’ll be fine,” Zacory reinsured them.

“Memory replacement,” Rukia answered. “I wiped out her memory of the night’s events and gave her a new one.”

“Memory replacement?” all three asked.

“There is an unfortunate part,” Zacory said, moving Tatsuki’s knocked out body over to Orihime’s, “there’s no way in knowing what the memory will be when it’s replaced.”

“So tomorrow,” Rukia started looking at Ichigo, “we’ll find out what she thinks happened tonight.”

Karin looked at Ichigo, “I feel sorry for you Ichigo,” Karin said in a deadpan voice.

“But make sure she’s doing okay,” Yuzu told him.

Ichigo just sighed in both defeat and frustration.

-Flashback End-

“You or Zacory used the same thing on my dad the other day, didn’t you?” Ichigo asked, piecing the puzzle together of that night.

Rukia looked at her and said, “That’s right, we did.” She then saw that something was wrong. “What’s wrong?”

“Me and my sisters are still not ready to actually commit to this or anything,” Ichigo tells her as she walks over to look at him, looking concerned.  “heh, we’re not so noble people that I can promise to rick our life for a complete stranger just like that. Well… maybe Yuzu would, but I’m not so sure… On the other hand, thought, we could never just stand around and watch while someone else was being hurt. So, I’ll help you.” He then held his hand out to shake hers. “At least, I will for now, with this work of yours and Zacory’s, as a Soul Reaper.”

Rukia just smirked at Ichigo and took his hand. “Good,” she just said. “I’m Counting on you. And your sisters? Are they in the same bout?”

“I believe Yuzu might be,” Ichigo tells her, “but I’m unsure of Karin, she might, but she’s a bit to stubborn to agree to anything.”


(Yuzu and Karin’s School, Rooftop)

Yuzu, Karin and Zacory decide to have lunch together and Yuzu and Karin wanted to talk about last night and decision. Just then Karin sneezed.

Both Yuzu and Zacory looked at her. “You okay Karin?” Zacory asked.

“You didn’t catch a cold no, did you?” Yuzu asked in concern.

“No,” she told them, “I think someone is talking about me behind my back.”

“Anyways,” Zacory started, wanting to know what they had to say, “you two had something you wanted to tell me?”

“We wanted to talk to you about this Soul Reaper gig,” Karin tells him.

“And I’m guessing you two have come to a conclusion?” he asked.

“We have,” the twins said in unison.

“Although we don’t like the idea of risking our life for someone we don’t know,” Yuzu started, “we can’t just turn a blind eye to those who need help. What kind of nurses would we be if we didn’t help those in need.”

“I’m still on the fence on this,” Kari said, looking away with her hands behind her head, “but like Yuzu said, we can’t just stand by and watch people get hurt. So, we’ll help out, for now, with this job of you and Rukia do.”

“We’ll do what we can do in your place until you two can recover all of your powers,” Yuzu said.

“Until then,” Karin started as her and Yuzu raise their fists for a fist bump. “we’ll do what we can to help.”

Zacory was shocked then smirked. “I think I can agree to that,” he said as he fist bumps the. “I’m honored to be working with good hearted people like you two and your brother.”


And that’s chapter 3 people.

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Soul Reaper Family Chapter 3
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First Chapter: Soul Reaper Family Chapter 1
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Welcome back to another chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh: Seal of Orichalcos.

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Let the show begin.

Chapter 3: A New Journey Begins

Mai and Serenity had been driving for a few hours now. Serenity had told Mai what had happened and what happened to Joey. She had put her head and arms down on the door of Mai’s car, still thinking about about her brother and what that Seal of Orichalcos spell card was doing to him.


“And then I….” Just then something came over Joey. His hand started to move to the Seal. “Serenity, help!”
“W-what wrong?” She asks, worried.
“My arm is moving on it’s own. It’s trying to play the Seal!” His hand started to pull it out of his hand and went to place it to his field zone.
“No! Joey!” She grabs his arm before he played it. “I’ll help you, I won’t let you play it.” But she got pushed away by a some sort of force.
“Serenity! No! I won’t play this!” He was trying his hardest to stop himself, but it was played in his Field Zone, and the punk and him got trap in a circle and Joey was started to lose his mind.
“Serenity…! Get out of here! Go… To Yugi’s house! Now!” He ordered her.

“No I won’t leave you!”
“Go! Now!”
She does but not without saying one last thing. “I’ll come back for you Joey,” and then she left.

-Flashback End-

“I was useless to help Joey…” Serenity muttered to herself as tears started to roll down her eyes.

Mai looked at Serenity for a second then back at the at the road. “It’s not your fault hon,” she tells her making Serenity look at her. “We just have to get to Yugi’s place, and hope he can solve this problem.”

“I hope he can… No I know Yugi can,” Serenity said. “I… I just wish I could have done more to help…”

“You did what you could,” Mai said. “Right now we need to focus on slapping the sense back into your brother’s brain.”

“You care for him as much as I do?” Serenity asked.

“Of course,” Mai answered. “He put his life on the line to try and free me. Not only me, but everyone when Marik’s dark half took over. He’s the reason I was able to remember my friends during my duel… He would have won and gotten me back, if he didn’t lose consciousness after he was hit by Ra… I respect him for all he does.”

“Didn’t you see him as an annoyed at first?”

“I did, when we first met,” Mai said smiling. She then laughed a bit. “I thought he was nothing but a navis goofball.”

Now Serenity was laughing. “He is a goof at times~”

“Now, I see him as a friend that you can rely on when you need to. Now it’s our time to help him out.”

Serenity nodded. “Right.”


(Domino City, few hours later)

Serenity and Mai had finally made it back to Domino City. It was nighttime when they got there.

“We're finally here,” Serenity sighed in relief.

“Now all we have to do is find Yugi an-” Mai started but was stopped by something that surprised her and Serenity. It was Obelisk the Tormenter. “Guess we found him. He must be dueling someone, but why summon a God Card?”

“Wait, look!” Serenity shouted pointing at Obelisk’s head. It had a green light on it’s head. It was small but she had a feeling of what it was. “It’s the Seal! I think someone else is using Obelis.”

Mai looked at Serenity like she was crazy. “That can’t be, only Yugi, Marik and Kaiba can uses them.”

“I just have a bad feeling,” Serenity said worried. “Get us there now Mai.”

“I trust your judgment Serenity,” Mai tells her. “Hold on tight kid.” She then floored it to where the duel was taking place. After a couple of sharp turn, they park in front of the building where the duel is. Just as the girl exiting the car, they saw Obelisk been destroyed into tiny pixels.

“Obelisk is destroyed.” Serenity exclaimed.

“Let’s get to the top and see what’s going on?” Mai tells her.

The girls quickly entered the in the build apartment that was being built, using the stairs to get to the roof. Once they arrive, the two were just in time to see the end of the duel. As the Seal of Orichalcos was surrounding a man with a beard and monocle, he throwing a card to which Serenity immediately recognized and the person who grabbed it.

“No…! This wasn’t suppose to happen..!” the man yelled as the seal enclosed around him. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please spare me master!? Agharrrrrr!”

“W-What is going on!?” Mai asked in shock. Tai, Tristan and Yugi turned and saw them.

“Mai? Serenity? What are you two doing here?” Yami Yugi asked.

“Oh well,” Rafael started, “It’s his own fault.” Just then the seal vanished and the man fell to the ground.

“I always thought the old man was crapping our style anyways,” said a guy with red hair.

“B’sides,” the other guy right next Rafeal started, “Now we know ‘bout Yugi’s dueling strategies.”

“Right,” Rafael agreed. “Now let’s go.”

“Hold on!/ Stop Rafael!” Both Serenity and Yugi shout, before Rafael and his comrades leave the apparent.

“Wait a minute,” Trision started, “You know these creeps Serenity?”

“We can talk about this later,” Yugi tells him, “but right now,” he turns and looks at the three again, “give me back the God Cards!” Rafael then turned to look at Yugi.

“Please, tell me what happen to my brother! What did that card to do him!?” Serena asked, desperately.

“You didn’t hold up your end of the deal, pal!” Rafael tells Yugi. “You have to beat all of us, not one of us.” He then held up two cards. “But I’ll tell you what, this is for being such a good sport.” Just then, two green lights came out of them and were sent into the city. He then tossed the two cards to Yugi. “Here.”

Yugi grabbed them and instantly recognized them. “Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood!?” Just then the cards turned blank.

“I released your friends souls as as gift,” Rafael replied.

“As for your brother Serenity,” the redhead started, “he’s doing quite fine. He’s just finally released his full potential with the seal. In the few hours he’s had it, his dueling skills have improved tenfold.”

“‘Ond on guys,” the guy next to Rafael started, looking at Mai, “isn' that Mai Valentine?”

“Hey, you’re right,” the redhead agreed.

“Oy, Mai! What are you doin’ ‘ere!? You w’re supposed to meet with the boss man hours ago!”

“What? What are you talking about?” Mai asked. “Why would i join you after what your boss did to Joey?”

“He was going to help you gain power,” Refael tells her. “You wanted more power to become a better duelist, just like Joey. The boss wanted to help you to.”

“Say to him that he can kiss his rear, cause I’m not joining your group!”

“Well ‘en,” the guy next to Rafael started, pulling out a card and green crystal necklace and tossing them to her. “Ev’r change your mind, here’s our calling card.”

Mai grabbed them and the card was the Seal of Orichalcos. “Is this…?”

“Your very own Seal of Orichalcos, just like Serenity and Joey,” the redhead tells her.

“You guys must be pretty stupid to give those to me,” Mai said. “You know i can rip it in two.”

“Then go ahead and try then,” Refael replies.

Mai try to rip the seal apart, but for some strange reason the card felt like it was made of steel. “What the heck?! What with this piece of paper!” she groan, pulling on the card hard as she can.

“Try all you like love,” the guy next to Rafael said. “The seal is an ancient power, far more ancient tha’ the Pharaoh's powers, tryin’ to rip it in two isn’ gonna work, but we commend ya for that ol’ college go love~”

“What do you mean by that?” Yami Yugi asked.

“Don’t you remember?” the redhead asked.


“I activate Dust Tornado!” Yugi shout, activating his trap card. “This great storm can wipe out any magic or trap card I choose. Now Dust Tornado, eliminate his Seal of Orichalcos with your mighty winds!” It expanded getting all of the seal in its range. The man just smiled like he knew something. The trap kept at it until it died down, to only reveal that the seal was still there. “Oh no, It wasn’t destroyed.”

-Flashback End-

“That’s just cheating!” Tristan snarled at them.

“No, it’s not,” Refael tells him. “It just shows you how strong the Seal of Orichalcos really is.”

“So Mai, Serenity,” the redhead started, “might want to join the winning team soon, if you know what’s good for you and don’t want to lose your souls.”

“Ya loves, we still h’ve some openin’s for the two of you.”

“You’re still going on about that!? How many No’s does it take to get it through your thick skulls?!” May groaned.

“Eh,” the guy just shrugged. “You and Serenity ‘ill have ta use it soon’r or later love, when you’re at your lowest, loves. Come on fellas.” All three of them then turned and walked away.

“Wait!” Serenity called out to them.

“Get back here!” Mai shouted. “We’re not done here!”

Just then Yugi walked over to the guy who was on the ground.

“Wait,” Tea started in worry, “be careful Yugi.”

"I don't think that guy’s getting up anytime soon,” Tristan tells her as all four of them walked over to Yugi.

“I think you’re right,” Mai agreed.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Yugi said as he picked up the card on the ground that was next to the guy and looked at it. “It’s true.” The seal had a picture of the man Yugi just dueled was on it. “When he lost our duel his soul was trapped in this card.”

Tea then saw something on the ground. “Huh?” she questioned picking it up.

“But where does this power come from?” Yugi ask.

“Check this out Yugi,” Tea said walking over to him holding something that was glowing. This got his attention and got back up to look at it. It was another green crystal. “It was around that guy’s neck.” Yugi picked it up to get a better look at it, still glowing bright. “Do you think it has something to do with all this? It look identical to the one that Mai is holding.” Tea said, looking the green gem that the older woman is holding.

“And the one I was given,” Serenity said taking her off, showing them.

“We have a lot to talk about,” Mai said, “but first we should try and find Weevil and Rex and see what they know.”

“Good idea,” Yugi agreed.


(Next Day)

Yugi and the others had found both Weevil and Rex. Tristan was holding Weevil by the back of his collar while Mai did the same to Rex. While that is going on, Serenity lean against a wall, looking at the gem and card she got from Dartz, remembering how that card force her brother to play it.

“Take your paws off me you sasquatch!” Weevil shouted at Tristan.

“Yeah,” Rex agreed, then threatened Mai by say, “don’t make me get all ninja on your butt.”

“I’ve got an idea Mai,” Tristan started.

“See who can throw the farthest by playing ‘Munchkin Toss’ with these two?” Mai asked.

“Munchkin Toss?” Serenity asked, putting the items in her pocket.

“Hold on a second guys,” Yugi started, making sure Mai and Tristan didn’t do anything rash, “we gotta find out what happened to them.” Mai and Tristan listened to him and dropped them on the ground. “Alright, now try and remember everything you guys did yesterday.”

“First I woke up and went to the bathroom,” Rex started.

“Oh brother…” Mai muttered, facepalming.

“He means after that!” Weevil shouted correcting him.


“Ever heard of stepping aside!” Rex shouted in frustration, while pointing at the man they ran into.

“Yeah!” Weevil agreed, equally frustration. “What’s your problem!?”

“The problem shall be yours when I strip you two fools of your souls,” the man tells them.

“Huh?” both Rex and Weevil questioned.

“Does the grim reaper know you raided his wardrobe?” Rex asked.

The man's eyes started to glow and he started to chant something. “Woa Val E Det Coo Animus!” This scared both Rex and Weevil.

“I t-think you just got him mad…” Weevil said in fear.

“Raise to your feet and duel,” the man ordered and activated his duel disk.

-Flashback End-

“After that, we all dueled and he squashed Weevil like a cockroach,” Rex tells them. He then got slapped in back of the head by Weevil.

“Rex was holding us back!” Weevil tells them. “I would have won, but the guy played some weird card called the Seal of something.” The five knew what it was.

“The Seal of Orichalcos?” Yugi asked.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Weevil said.

“And I thought it was one of those fake knock off cards,” Rex tells them.

“He didn’t happen to mention anything about a plan to steal the Three Egyptian God Cards, did he?” Yugi asked.

“Wait, they’re gone?” Rex asked.

“He took them,” Yugi tells them, looking sad. “Well, he and his gang of thugs did.”

“NO WAY!” Rex shouted in shock.

“SERIOUSLY!?” Weevil shout in shock as well.

“Seriosly,” Yugi conferred.

“Now don’t you go worrying yourself hon,” Mai tells him. “We’ll win your cards back, you just wait and see.”

“Mai’s right,” Serenity agreed. “We’ll help you as well.”

All five of them started walking away. “Oh, and you two,” Mai started while still walking, “keep your eyes open if you see those three bikers, and tells us right away.”

“Sure we will,” Rex tells them.

“You’ll be the first  to know~” Weevil added. Then both of them started to chuckle. “Or not~”

“Alright~” Rex said excited. “Three Egyptian God Cards are up for grabs~”

Both then looked at each other and said at the same time, “Soon they’ll be all mine~” The two the realized what they said and looked away from each other.


(With Yugi and the gang)

“First things got freak at the museum, then monsters started appearing around the world, Joey gets his mind taken over by some group who also want Serenity and Mai to join them as well, and now a gang of bikers are stealing people’s souls with a duel monsters card,” Tristan listed.

“I’m thinking all those things have something to do with one another,” Tea said.

“Gee, what gave it away...?” Mai asked sarcastically. “Standing around here won’t get our answers. What I want to know why this seem to happen to us?”

“Some act of fate maybe,” Serenity said.

“Well fate has a weird sense of humor,” Mai tells her.

“Hey Yugi!” shouted a girl's voice. He looked up and saw a blond hair girl with glasses running at them. “I’ve been looking all over for you!” She then jumped and gave him a hug shocking everyone.

“Uh… hi… you” Yugi said confused.

“Oh no…” the girl said, a bit sad. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgot about me now that you're a big time champion duelist."

“Uh…” Yugi only said.

“Oh brother…” Mai muttered, facepalming. “He’s already losing his memory…”

"Yugi..." Tea started, “do you have any idea who this is?”

“Let’s see,” the girl started letting go of Yugi, “this card should ring a bell.” She then held up a card that Yugi won from Pegasus, The Ties of Friendship. “You did give it to me.”

Everyone looked at it and Yugi remembered who she was. “Whoa, Rebeca.”


“I want you to have this,” Yugi said handing over the card he won from Pegasus.

Rebeca took it and read it outloud, “The Ties of Friendship?”

Yugi nodded. “Consider it a gift.”

“Ah thank you~”

-Flashback End-

“Oh great,” Tristan started. “It’s you again...”

“Hi~” Rebecca said, smiling and waving at them.

“I see you traded in your teddy bear for glasses,” Tristan said.

Rebeca then grabbed Yugi’s arm. “I don’t need a teddy bear,” she tells them, “because now I have a boyfriend to protect me~”

“Uh! Cuse me?” Tea asked, a bit angrily. “A boyfriend?”

“And now we add another weird and strange event that happened to add to the growing list,” Mai said looking at Tristan.

“Yep,” he agreed, “and this one tops them all. Probably best if we stay out of it.”

“That’s not very nice you two,”Serenity tells them.

“Anyways,” Mai sighed, shaking her head. “Why are you here? Not to take Tea’s boyfriend away, I taken?”

“M-Mai!” Tea shouted in embarrassment.

“Come on~” Rebecca said sweetly ignoring Mai and Tea. “My grandpa really wants to see you also, Yugi~”

“Her grandpa?” Serenity wondered, looking at the rest hoping they have the answer.

“Professor Hawkins wants to see me?” Yugi asked.


(The Museum)

Yugi's grandpa and Professor Hawkins were looking at a stone tablet from ancient Egypt, and on it looked like Yugi and Kiba battling.

“Remarkable, isn’t it?” Professor Hawkins asked.

“That’s my boy,” Yugi's grandpa said with pride.

“Hey guys!” Shouted Yugi, making the two old friends look at the at the gang.

“Yugi Muto, you’re just the person I need to see,” Professor Hawkins tells him. “I have a theory that all of these monster sightings have something to do with you.” This shocked Yugi.

To be continued


And that’s it for chapter three.

Mai: (Looks around for Pimsan) “Hey hon? Where’s your friend?”

He had other things to do, but I think I can handle the story from here.

Mai: (Shrugs) “Okay.”

Anyways, thank you again for reading my story. Tell me what you all thought.

Mai: (Winks) “We’ll see you all next time hons~” (She then blows a kiss at everyone)

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